Downtown Denver Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary!

Local Product of Colorado is a boutique marijuana dispensary located just a few blocks from the Denver Art Museum, 420 Rally @ Civic Center Park and the State Capital in the Golden Triangle Neighborhood.  Our shop has beautiful hardwood floor-to-ceiling, decorative art and Red Rocks posters from "Furthur Frames" for sale in the lobby.  The menus feature a delicious selection of flower and concentrates with some of the state's most popular strains and brands always in stock; member benefits for our loyal patients and rewards for returning customers.

Whether your interest is medical or recreational, you have a number of options when choosing a marijuana dispensary in Downtown Denver.  There's no shortage of cannabis shops in the Mile High City and it takes a lot to stand out.  Our shop was among the first to obtain licenses, we pride ourselves on continually exceeding our customers' expectations and have always been loyal to our patients.  Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because we love our patients, and because we are patients ourselves.  That's why we've always grown our own.


419 W. 13th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80204

Open 9 AM - 6:45 PM     |     Phone: +1 (303) 736-8041 |     Email:

Local Product of Colorado's Recreational Marijuana Menu (21+)

Local Product of Colorado's Medical Marijuana Menu (18+)

Our Patient Members get 15% off regular pricing on flower, concentrates and edibles.  To become a Patient Member, you must obtain a doctor's recommendation, Apply for your Medical Marijuana Card with CDPHE, designate Local Product of Colorado as your cultivator and provide us a copy of your physician certificate.  The physician certificate can be downloaded or printed by you or your physician online, here.  And you can email the document to or deliver it in-person.


Beautiful Buds & Budtenders

I’ve known these guys for years now.  I even remember their old shop and dated a budtender.  She didn’t last long and the shop moved on, but they still hook me up and remember my face.  I like that.  I also like my bud and grow my own.  Sour Diesel is my favorite strain.  I like the smell, taste and flavor… everything about it.  In fact, all the ladies and their buds are beautiful at this shop.

-OverGrow Denver

Best Concentrates in Denver

I work for a dispensary and shop around for the best concentrates. Local Product has a huge selection. All really nice affordable product. They did charge more for the really good stuff, but it was worth every penny; and what I got for $20/gram was still fuego. The shatter looks like shards of stained glass and the live resin smells so good, I can’t stop huffing the empty container.


The Godmother at Women Grow Denver

“Whenever I am in Denver, I make sure to stop by Local Product. My friends there, work hard to provide some of the best cannabis products at great prices. I am proud to see the spirit of my pioneer effort result in such decent, honest dispensaries like Local Product.” with love from Lynnette Shaw, the Godmother and founder of the first dispensary license, 1997, Fairfax, CA.

-Lynnette Mont-eton Shaw, the Godmother


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