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9 LB Strawberry

(Strawberry Fields x 9lb Hammer) Indica dominant hybrid Smoke: It hits you hard like an indica but the sativa Strawberry lean comes through to make it a functional high. Because of this incredible high this has become a customer favorite. Flavor: Smooth and slightly sweet with a hit of that heavy diesel hammer Look: Drenched in sugary trichomes.

Alien Rock Candy

26.24% TCH : (Sour Double x Tahoe Alien) Indica dominant hybrid Smoke: Spacey body high with a very sedative but functional head high. Flavor: Slightly earthy and pungent. Aroma: Sweet smelling but earthy to the burn. Look: Dark green, with the appearance that it was dipped in crystals.

Golden Goat

LOCOL LOVE : Connoisseur Cannabis 27.12% THC / 1.28% CBD Hawaiian – Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk) Sativa dominant hybrid Smoke: Energetic, just like a cup of your morning coffee, this strain can help you get all the things done you need to in your day. Flavor: A sweet berry flavor that will remind you of your favorite fruit. Aroma: Overwhelming unique sweet smell of fermenting fruits with nodes of diesel gas. Look: Frosty green, completely covered in long sherbet orange hairs.