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Dabba- Hybrid Mint Chocolate Bar 400mg

Premium Medicinal Chocolate - Mint flavored 400mg

9 LB Strawberry

(Strawberry Fields x 9lb Hammer) Indica dominant hybrid Smoke: It hits you hard like an indica but the sativa Strawberry lean comes through to make it a functional high. Because of this incredible high this has become a customer favorite. Flavor: Smooth and slightly sweet with a hit of that heavy diesel hammer Look: Drenched in sugary trichomes.

Indica Sour Gummies, 100mg REC

<p><p>Incredibles Indica Sour Gummies, 100mg is a great edible with all the delicious, sour flavors and properties that deliver on an exceptional high. Many enjoy this edible's natural effects that help alleviate pain and make users relax. </p></p>