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Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana is available for Colorado residents age 18+ registered with the Medical Marijuana Registry.
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Coda - Caramel & Corn White Chocolate Bar 300mg THC

Caramelized white chocolate, popped corn, sea salt. 300 MG THC 10 peices.

Bubba Kush Root Beer, 100mg MED

<p>Twist open one of these cold ones and enjoy the best adult beverage that has come to market for a long time.</p> <p>HYBRID</p> <p>Have a big project that needs your concentration? Get the best both Indica & Sativa has to offer. With a mellow body feel and uplifting cerebral effect, our Hybrids just may become your favorite.</p> <p>First introduced in January 2010, the Keef Cola soda line is the most awarded Cannabis beverage in the world. Each bottle is infused with either 10 or 100mgs of CO2 extracted cannabis oil. The proprietary emulsification process (“oil into water”) provides a stable oil suspension for beyond the duration of the product shelf life and eliminates residual oil buildup in the bottle.</p>

SYNERGY Heat: CBD & THC Warming Balm

<p>Melt away muscle fatigue, swelling, and discomfort with SYNERGY Heat’s deep, penetrating warmth. SYNERGY Heat combines a revitalizing blend of over 20 essential oils, including cinnamon leaf oil, fennel oil, black pepper oil, and ginger root oil to boost healing as well as aromatherapy benefits. Makes a great “spot treatment,” targeting affected areas where and when you need it most.</p> <p><em>Ideal for: </em><em>After-workout soreness</em> <em> Swollen joints</em> <em> Chronic nerve pain</em> <em> Reducing healing time</em> <em> Penetrating deep muscle cramping</em></p> <p>Like all of our SYNERGY balms, SYNERGY Heat combines CBD—the cannabinoid known for its therapeutic benefits—with THC, yielding a more effective experience. SYNERGY topicals are absorbed through the skin, therefore do not produce psychoactive effects typically associated with THC.</p> <p>SYNERGY products are formulated with both THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio SYNERGY HEAT Balm effectively treats localized pain and inflammation and can assist with neuropathic conditions As a topical product, SYNERGY HEAT Balm does not deliver a psychoactive effect Dixie Synergy products are triple lab tested for consistency and quality</p> <p><strong>INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Menthol Crystals, a blend of over 20 essential oils (including Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Fennel Oil, Black Pepper Oil and Ginger Root Oil) THC Oil, CBD Oil</strong></p>