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Local Product of Colorado opened its recreation doors in 2016 after operating as a medical dispensary for 7 years.

Whether you indulge in an edible once a month or smoke before bed every night, we are here to find you the right product. Our Denver dispensary offers products at all price points, for all preferences and for all types of cannabis users.

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A Top Rated Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Denver, Colorado

You may know that Local Product of Colorado began offering recreational marijuana in 2016, but were you aware that we started out serving the medical cannabis community in 2009? We’re proud to offer our recreational cannabis customers the same premium level of service, selection, and value that drove our medical marijuana program. 

So whether you indulge in an occasional edible or you rely on cannabis more regularly to help you find sound sleep or deepen your self-care routine, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect product for your specific needs and goals.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the reasons our Colorado recreational dispensary customers choose our products.

Cannabis for Fitness

There’s no end to the myths about how cannabis reduces our motivation to stay in shape. But as an increasing number of professional athletes are discovering, the marijuana plant can not only benefit our exercise routines, but help empower post-workout recovery too. 

According to a survey published in Nature, a majority of respondents found that being high made their workouts more enjoyable. This comes on top of another study suggesting that marijuana’s mood-boosting effects helps us enjoy and stick with our exercise routines.

Cannabis for Work

You may not think of cannabis as a workplace helper. But as a growing number of Coloradans are finding, taking tiny amounts of cannabis in the form of microdoses—or leaning on high-CBD products or low-dose edibles that don’t impart much of a high—can increase focus, tame stress, and help us reach our goals without fogginess or distraction.

Cannabis for Relaxation and Meditation

Sure, cannabis is relaxing. But did you know it can also deepen your meditation and self-care routines? As editorials in Psychology Today and other journals demonstrate, marijuana has a long and noble history as an aid to sharpening inward focus, calming the mind, and other benefits to those who treasure the positive effects of meditation. 

Cannabis for Socializing and Connection

You probably know that recreational marijuana is tailor-made for kicking back and enjoying an all-natural high with your friends. But if cannabis has made you feel sleepy or tongue-tied in the past, you should know that many strains—particularly those in the sativa family—are renowned for their energizing, creative, and uplifting effects. Use the boxes on the left of our live menu to select “sativa” or “CBD” strains made to inspire chatting, dancing, or any kind of socializing that moves you! 

Local Products: Denver’s Favorite Cannabis Dispensary

Do you have any questions about recreational or adult-use cannabis in the Denver, CO area, or how this gentle and sustainable plant medicine can heighten your recreational activities? Begin your journey by perusing our live menu to find the perfect cannabis products for relaxation, fitness, socializing, or any other activities.

Still have questions? Reach out anytime! We’re here to help take you higher.